Juli, 2012
Priserna på våra artiklar har uppdaterats i Grammotex.

April, 2012
Vi har nu flyttat in i vår nya studio. Vi kommer under sommaren att testköra och uppgradera vår utrustning.

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"It all started with a song, sometime thousands of centuries ago in a land that we treasure yet don't know where it lies. The song dug itself down thru tunnels of mud, burst its way thru solid rock into white marble stone. Every now and then it reappears and disappears... Trees may have sifted, divided and scattered what presumably was left of it until they fell to the ground, weary and torn. In retrospect, the sounds and words that have nestled into this soul and mind all seem to point in one and yet many opposite directions. The song sometimes flows like water, sometimes stands like a prairie rock in the dezert storm. In the heartland, thru the mindscapes, into the unknown that is yet to come it penetrates the unwavering hollowness and fills it with life."

Ginger Trees
"Came the morning"

01. Don't lose the line
02. Into the city
03. Enchantment
04. Instant religion
05. When she comes
06. 7th floor blues
07. Suit and tie
08. Stained glass windows
09. Let it go
10. Lost my way
11. Repercussions
12. A world of my own
13. This cursed town
14. Backyard thoughts
15. Madman
16. Out on the sea

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Video till låten "When she comes":


Henri Ali

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